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By Victoria Belue Schaefer and Joni Patry
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Who’s in the News, Hollywood Stars and Entertainers, Famous Relationships, and How to Determine which Sign is your Best or Worst Match for a Relationship

February is the perfect month to launch our new Hollywood Stars in the Stars video series. It’s the month of love and – wow – do we ever have a lot of it in this first video. Plus some earthshaking insight into a former couple who now are out for blood!

But first, find out if your personal and business relationships are a perfect match or a recipe for disaster.

As a teacher of Vedic astrology I am always searching for a new way to teach. Astrology is one of the oldest sciences in the world. It is finding a way back into the mainstream and people are again discovering the power of this ancient tool for self-discovery.

It is a fact that throughout time the most interesting issues in our lives will always involve feelings and emotions. When we are moved by anything emotionally we are consumed. So this goes to show that people become obsessed with matters of love.

With the focus around love matters on Valentine’s Day I devised a system that represents what signs are attracted to one another. This is based on the aspects in astrology (conjunction, opposition, square and trine). With the reasoning behind this, you will begin to understand what signs connect and how. This is based on the sun signs because, for most people, this is all we have to go on, but it can be used when analyzing all the planets in a chart.

We have a new video that goes over all the signs in terms of which ones resonate good or bad together. This can be used from knowing your Western astrology (tropical) signs or your Vedic (sidereal) signs. This system is based on the aspects, which are the same in both systems. So no matter if you are a Taurus in Western astrology the opposite sign you connect with is Scorpio, and if you look in terms of Vedic and see yourself as Aries then your opposite is Libra. Just follow the system of astrology you know and this will work.

Additionally, examples of famous couples will add clarity on how to access love in a chart through the analysis of the signs and aspects.

When something moves us emotionally in a positive way we are essentially drawn to these things. A powerful example of this is our love of music and entertainment. Music and movies can have a very powerful effect on us. They move us to feel and change our moods and outlook on the world. We view entertainers as an extension of ourselves and represent feelings and emotions we have in our lives. It is ultimately all an illusion but we all seek these outlets and they can teach us much about ourselves.