Welcome to AstroFinance.

We have just put the power of the planets to work for you to help navigate these crazy economic times. Joni Patry has forecasted the twists and turns of the stock market for years, now she boils it down to specific stocks as recommended by Victoria Belue Schaefer. The ancient scientific techniques used here by Joni have repeatedly proven accurate. Combined with Victoria’s daily scrutiny of the stock markets and world events potentially affecting them, this dynamic duo pulls information from above and below to give you the insight you need to come out ahead of the game.

What makes this team unique in the world of financial astrological forecasting is that Joni Patry, world famous as a master Vedic astrologer who has more than thirty years of experience reading charts, does not follow the stock market. She states what she sees in the charts of stocks without any bias of knowing how the stocks are currently trading in the marketplace.

Victoria Belue Schaefer, on the other hand, has closely followed the markets for the past ten years on a daily basis as an investor. She asks Joni about specific stocks based on current relevance that AstroFinance then shares with its subscribers.

Let’s dive right in to see where we are today and tell you what you need to know.

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