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Welcome to AstroLogic Magazine

What is AstroLogic Magazine?

It’s an online magazine filled with insightful information for readers looking for answers beyond the shallow surface.

AstroLogic Magazine explores the universe within us and around us in depth. We have an intense focus on serious astrology. Magazine co-founder Joni Patry, a world reknown Vedic astrologer, contributes her considerable insight and shares the knowledge of other well-known and accredited astrologers.

And that is just the beginning.

AstroLogic Magazine will inform you, inspire you and guide you on the best choices to make each month.

Whether it’s the monthly astrology forecasts, the best days of the month to accomplish goals, the latest information on how to eat healthy, stay fit through yoga, or use gemstones to heal, AstroLogic Magazine brings it all to you.

AstroLogic Magazine co-founder, Victoria Belue Schaefer, applies her unparalleled practical metaphysics to help keep your feet planted firmly on the ground while allowing your mind to journey through the unlimited potential of the universe. Her articles will guide you through the logical steps of living an ordinary life in an extraordinary way.

AstroLogic Magazine is a community of members around the world who exchange brilliant ideas and information. We have all needed a magazine like this. Now it has arrived.

Some of the topics you will see in AstroLogic Magazine:

  • Spiritual Insights and Astrological Predictions
  • Victoria’s Logic
  • Who’s in the News chart explanation of current newsmakers
  • Best days for certain activities based on astrological aspects
  • Astro Finance best stock of the month
  • Vedic briefs short lesson that concerns current planetary events
  • Health and healing articles
  • Member insights
  • Articles by featured astrologers and spiritual teachers
  • Yoga articles
  • YouTube channel and AstroLogic videos
  • Ask Joni Questions submitted by members
  • Relevant movie and book reviews
  • Calendar of current events, conferences, and speaking engagements around the world.
  • Participate, learn and grow with the AstroLogic Magazine community.
  • Become a member and connect to astrologers, metaphysicians and seekers of
  • spirituality and truth around the world.
  • Featured guest astrologers and metaphysician writers for May
  • Kapiel Raaj, Kenneth Johnson, Christina Collins, Juliana Swanson, Dennis Flaherty
  • Wisdom from the Masters monthly article from Saptarishi Astrology from India
  • Dr Joe Vitale
  • Yoga master Becky Jordan
  • FoodPowers Nerissa Oden


Welcome to February AstroLogic!

While the month of February wasn’t even added to the calendar until the 700’s BC, it has historically been regarded as the coldest of the winter months in the northern hemisphere. We are in the full throes of frigid temperatures now with the promise of spring in late March still a distant dream. There is no better time to be […]

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February Spiritual Insights 2015

As I write I am in my room where I stay at the spiritual center Bilgi Paylasimin in Istanbul, Turkey. My room is on the top floor and the large window overlooks the Bosporus Sea. The lights on the bridge...

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Joni Patry – 2015 Jyotish Vashista Recipient

Jyotish Star’s 2015 recipient for the title Jyotish Vashista Interview with Joni Patry of Dallas, Texas By Christina Collins of Boulder, Colorado Interview Date: 12/07/2014 Christina...

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February Logic: Love The One You’re With

When many people think of the month of February, they think of Valentine’s Day. There are other holidays this month, but this one has been celebrated for a thousand years (literally), and it’s deeply...

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