Vedic Briefs: Predictions for April 2014 and Vedic Lesson

3 Mar. 2014

This month-hidden agendas and secrets are revealed. At the time of a solar eclipse many secrets come out into the open. This is an important solar eclipse because it involves Saturn. This means there are many political leaders that will face the truth and have to be accountable.  Saturn pertains to reality and there is a lot that will be uncovered.

Corruption in the area of repressed information to acquire financial gains is the keynote of this month. Many political leaders’ suppression of information will lead to the downfall of many nations.

There is a major health concern that is dominating world affairs. As Mars retrogrades in the sign Virgo health will be a major priority. There will be a mysterious new disease and or illness spreading globally.

Mars the planet of war is in a dangerous position as it retrogrades opposed to Uranus causing sudden outburst of anger and violence around the world.

Vedic Lesson
Eclipses create Sensitive degrees

For astrologers eclipses are very important for prediction. April 29th 2014 is the day of a very significant Solar Eclipse.  The alignment of the Sun and Moon symbolize the lights in our world coming together, as they obliterate each other’s light this is an indication of secrets coming out of the darkness.

The planets involved at the time of and eclipse will flavor the energy that is revealed. As Saturn is opposed the Sun/Moon conjunction this will bring to light all that has been hidden globally and personally. 

The most significant property of an eclipse in terms of prediction is that the degree the Sun and Moon join at the time of an eclipse becomes a sensitive degree. This degree should be watched as through it is a land mine that will create an explosion or event when other transiting planets aspect this degree.

The degree of this solar eclipse is 14 degrees of Aries. When transiting planets aspect this degree afterwards events occur. Significantly this degree will be aspected by transiting Mars in May, as Mars will station from retrograde to direct on the fateful degree of 14 Virgo.

In Vedic astrology Mars has two specific full aspects aside from the conjunction and opposition. The full aspects mean their power is 100%. These full aspects are 90 degrees and 150 degrees or 4 and 8 signs counting forward from Mars’ position. The 8th aspect (150 degrees) is the most violent and dangerous and usually involves death.

So with Mars’ stationing (Mars is changing from retrograde to direct) May 18-22 at 14 degrees of Virgo it will fully aspect (8th aspect) the degree of the Solar Eclipse that occurred April 29 at 14 degrees of Aries.  This will create an event that is very dangerous worldwide.