Transformation of Consciousness 2012 and Beyond

joniTransformation of Consciousness 2012 and Beyond
By Joni Patry
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This is it! The year we have feared as the end of the world 2012! Yes it is the end, the end of ignorance! This book was written to enlighten, inspire and shift consciousness in this new era of humanity. The year of 2012 is packed full of radical change and transformation. My new book will prepare you for these monumental changes. The first part of the book gives information everyone needs to get ready for the world changes. There are 88 pages of pertinent information for the coming New Age.

Part I: Transformation of Consciousness is easy to understand with no astrological language. The 2012 trends concerning:
• economy
• stock market
• oil and energy sources
• real estate
• government and laws
• education
• nuclear energy and healing disease
• spirituality

Part II: Astrological predictions looking at the remarkable planetary combinations which predict the biggest year of change we have seen in our lifetime. The final chapter has each month's astrological predictions January-December 2012.
*New Moon charts for each month
* list of the planetary aspects
*specific predictions and interpretations of events, predictions of earth quakes, terrorist attacks and economic crises

Beliefs, religions, politics and spirituality are the subjects for transformation. This book was written to inspire and transform conscious awareness on our planet now. The last part of the book explains astrologically all the predictions and trends predicted. Guaranteed to be an easy read! It is an initiation into understanding our awareness and purpose on earth.

(87 pages)

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