Stocks to Watch

Starbucks, Google, Intel, Hewlett-Packard

Starbucks (SBUX)

Victoria: This stock has soared over the past 24 months. CEO Howard Schultz is outspoken and a visionary. Recently he has introduced new leaner and hyper local pop-up-type stores in America as well as announced a partnership with a three-year-old company called Square to streamline a location's payment process. Furthermore, he says 1,000 new stores will be opened within the next five years. He has his eye on lots of growth both physically and financially, but what does the chart look like for this caffeinated company?

Joni: This stock will go way down in price soon. Hold off buying any of this stock! Their leadership, or CEO, is going to have big problems. By the first of the year 2013, the stock will make a big tumble downward. And this nose-dive won’t let up for some time. And if you are heavily vested in this stock consider selling. You can reinvest in the late spring when it will be at an all time low because it will rise again during the summer months. Transiting Saturn is about to oppose their natal Moon, and Mars and Ketu will transit over the 10th house of CEOs and success. During the summer months Jupiter will transit over the Sun, Ketu and Venus. This means there will be readjustments to assure success and easy sailing for the rest of the year.


Google (GOOG)

Victoria: After languishing for many months around the $500 per share level, perhaps partly due to its high profile peer Apple stealing so much of the tech limelight, traders and investors alike have refocused their attention on this dominating search engine that continues to steadily produce a healthy ROI. The price per share has leapt over $250 since June creating one of the best growth stories this year. What does its astrological chart look like for the coming year? Will this trend continue?

Joni: This stock is up and down, but seems to be a bit over-priced right now. But what goes down will come up soon. This stock may go down in price in the next few months but will rise dramatically this summer and fall of 2013. Watch to catch it as it lowers somewhat and you will reap the rewards by fall of 2014.

As Transiting Jupiter trines the Moon it increases the value of this stock making it over-priced. Which means it could be time to sell as it reaches a high. Rahu and Ketu enter the 8th house causing some internal financial problems for the company. But it will reach a high level next summer and fall as Jupiter transits the 10th house. Buy when it goes down soon and sell as it reaches a high late summer.


Intel (INTC)

Victoria: Bumping along a rugged road for the past year, Intel certainly has had its supporters and detractors. The question in everyone's mind is whether or not the PC will withstand the assimilation of tablets into our culture. With Intel micro-processors so intertwined with the PC, the answer to that question could seal the fate of Intel one way or the other.

Joni: This is the most volatile stock here. There will be major financial problems for this business. Transiting Saturn will conjunct the Moon while Rahu conjuncts it. This may indicate there is a falling out in their security. It seems to be on the brink of disaster but it will be saved by the bell late July and late August when Jupiter will conjunct natal Mars and trine Natal Moon. It is best to buy around May where they will be at a low but sell in the early fall (August).


Hewlett-Packard (HPQ)

Victoria: This company seems to have lost its way after decades of being a technology leader. With the revolving door of CEO's – four within the last seven years – plus scandals and lawsuits, HP also has to tackle the daunting task of refiguring its place in a world overtaken by Apple and Android. Mobile devices are now the standard leaving the clunky PC to an uncertain fate. Like Intel, Hewlett Packard must either innovate or face the dire consequences. But what does their chart for the coming year look like?

Joni: This stock will remain pretty consistent. I don’t see any big highs or lows. This is one for the long haul. I don’t see it making any extreme highs or lows to gamble or take risks on. So this isn’t the stock to make you rich overnight, if at all. Although, Uranus and Pluto are aspecting the natal Moon which could cause sudden changes, but it seems they are prepared for this. Again, I see a good result occurring in the fall when Jupiter conjoins their Mars in the 2nd house of money.

Overall there seems to be problems for most of these companies this spring; a rally in the summer and a rise for them all in the fall. I wonder if this is reflective of something big happening globally or in our government that would cause such lows in the spring, with a recouping in the summer but a consistent rise in the fall. If you jump in and out with your stocks then spring is time to buy when they are low and mid-summer to fall sell. Then use the money to go on an exotic vacation. Don’t horde your money because spending makes the world go around!