Spiritual Insights May 2013

May 8th I have been asked to speak here in Dallas, Texas! My dear friend, famed medium John Cappello asked me to speak to his meet-up group on my predictions for this eventful year of 2013. I will be speaking the day before the intense May Solar Eclipse. Please come if you live here!

In my book Predictions for 2013 and in my last newsletter I wrote of violence for April 15th – the Boston bombing!

“April 12-17: This is the beginning of extreme events that will mark this time in history. As Mars and the Sun converge in Aries the god of war rears its ugly head”.

We are now in the eclipse season and this is a dangerous year for eclipse patterns because the most extreme planets for change and violence are tied into these eclipses, both Mars and Saturn.

Mars and the Sun were exactly conjunct and aligned by declination the day of the Boston Marathon attack. The Sun and Mars form a conjunction every two years but in this case they are in the most violent sign of Aries. Astrologically this entire eclipse season is extremely volatile and I believe there is much more to come.

Boston Marathon attack, explosions in Texas, threats of nuclear war from North Korea, civil war in Syria, mass shootings in America and the fight over gun laws are all a part of what needs to be addressed through this pivotal time in history.  The eclipse season is the time that the truth will surface from the unconscious fears and emotions we repress as a collective consciousness as well as our own individual consciousness in our daily lives.

Astronomers reveal that today April 28th you can clearly see Saturn with his rings in a clear sky with the naked eye. This is because Saturn is closest to the earth while it is retrograde. When planets (outside the orbit of Earth) Mars through Pluto are retrograde they are in opposition to the Sun. Today Saturn is 14 degrees of Libra and the Sun is 14 degrees Aries exactly opposed. What does this mean astrologically?

Saturn is the planet of reality and indicates aspects of ourselves and relationships we may not like owning up to. This means at this time we can see the truth of our life and clearly see what we can do to change this reality. This is a time of clear vision and truth if we are willing to see. This is a time of great opportunity to change your life but it does require opening our eyes to many aspects of life that you may have been in denial for many years. It is time to make these realizations and begin a new way of life full of truth and reality.

The Presidents made history here in Dallas April 25, at the opening of the George W. Bush Library at SMU. Throughout all the Presidential elections the media has demonized certain aspects of the political parties and particularly the Presidential candidates.

As I watched all the living Presidents speak at this historic event I realized I really liked all of them, and that they all did the best job they could by following their hearts and what they believed. I envied former President George W. Bush in the respect that his parents are still alive to be there during this time of honor. How nice to be his age and still have your parents alive and cognizant. All the Presidents were so real and poked fun at each other in such a playful way. I realized that those who personally attack the Presidents are projecting their issues and anger.

Presidents have to make life or death decisions that will not be favorable for everyone, making them unpopular, but have to make decisions based on their belief of what will benefit the whole. Their decisions will always go against someone’s beliefs, but all these men have done something great to keep our country one the best places to live in the world. I believe everything happens for a reason and the President elected will somehow create balance, this is the law of nature. It was wonderful that they were all here to honor our local college Southern Methodist University (SMU). Heaven knows I wouldn’t want their job. But I may take the job as their astrologer.

Remember the media has projected and created much of the image you believe of the person who is President. It is time to stop hating aspects of people you don’t know personally. Because the hateful aspects we are projecting are really just an aspect of ourselves. The projection of blame and hate is the side of duality that is the root of our intolerance of what we don’t understand. This breeds ignorance.

The more you travel around the world the more you realize this truth. People around the world are virtually all the same and want the same things. They love their families, children, want productive lives and peace. All religions have the same basic premise, love, peace and a belief in God.

I have to admit I enjoy reading the conspiracy theorist stories but most of them are based on hateful accusations that stake blame and hate towards others. I don’t believe people are based in evil and hate. I believe our innate nature is to love and heal. Of course some people are very sick and appear evil but it is the constant negative conditioning with deep suspicions that cause retaliation and revenge that consume minds. They were never offered hope, love and compassion. And because they project such hatred outwardly that is what they receive back. Their projection of hate is returned validating even more their concept of evil, and hatred in the world.

I know we have heard these things over and over but I feel it is time to be reminded of these simple truths during this volatile time in humanity.

If someone you don’t know is hateful towards you, don’t take it personally. And if you do take it personally there is an issue within you to be addressed and healed. Choose to see the good in the world and in people, and you will have the same returned in your life. The more you come to realize this, the more your life will change for the better, and that is a promise!

On a personal note, eclipses give rise to issues that have been repressed for they are the triggers to what lies beneath the subconscious.  They surface what has been hidden in the dark. Many aspects of our lives and what we have feared and desired will suddenly surface from our subconscious during the eclipse season. It is an opportunity to address our deepest fears and bring them to the light. Repressing these feelings only multiplies our fears and will surmount as phobias, panic attacks and ultimately disease. The emotional body is a means to indicate what we are truly feeling and it can be a means to our ultimate healing. As Carl G. Jung said so beautifully,  “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

A Transformation of Consciousness is happening. The younger generations are more open. I was asked to speak to my youngest son’s psychology class about astrology in a Christian school. He is a senior in high school, and never have I had more interest from a younger generation. Times are changing!


Predictions May 2013

The solar eclipse occurs May 9, at 25 degrees of Aries. Mars marks a critical and violent time period, as it will cross the eclipse degree on May 17 causing a violent social uprising. It is noted that when a planet crosses over a previous eclipse degree it activates an event associated with the planet transiting this degree. On September 11, 2001, Mars transited exactly on that day the previous eclipse degree.
Attacks may center on the Middle East.

05/01 Sun trine Pluto
05/04 Venus enters Taurus
05/05 Mercury opposed Saturn, Mars trine Pluto
05/07 Mercury trine Pluto, Mercury conjunct Mars
05/09 Solar eclipse 25 degrees Aries; nakshatra Bharani
05/11 Mercury conjunct Sun
05/12 Mercury enters Taurus
05/13 Venus square Neptune
05/14 Sun enters Taurus
05/18 Mercury square Neptune
05/20 Uranus square Pluto
05/22 Mars enters Taurus
05/24 Mercury conjunct Venus, Lunar eclipse 10 degrees Scorpio; nakshatra Anuradha
05/26 Sun square Neptune
05/27 Mercury enters Gemini, Mercury conjunct Jupiter
05/28 Jupiter conjunct Venus
05/29 Venus enters Gemini
05/30 Jupiter enters Gemini

May 01-03: Looks volatile for North and South Korea. Keep a watch on them.

May 09: Total solar eclipse in Aries, conjunct Ketu indicates a time of loss and endings. Mars tightly conjunct Ketu will cross over the eclipse degree May 17 indicating a violent event. These planets are tight and concentrated marking a specific event of a violent nature.

*Countries and individuals with planets in Aries and Libra will have a challenging time. Events will strike quick and the fallout will be great, but powerful transformations for a new world develop out of this chaos. The realization of good advances may not be understood until years later.

May 12: Mars conjunct Ketu initiates great fear from violent attacks around the world. This is a very volatile time globally. Both Mars and Ketu rule fire, indicating destruction with fire.
*Avoid air travel on this day! There is a major indication for an airline crash! This entire week is dangerous for travel.

May 13: One day of Saraswati yoga! Jupiter, Venus and Mercury all merge together in the sign of Taurus.  This is the most auspicious day in May. Even though there are very intense aspects occurring with Mars conjunct Ketu, there is light that peers out of this darkness. Look for the good that will evolve out of this dark time.

May 20: Uranus and Pluto come into their exact square at 17 degrees, which mark a critical degree pertaining to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

May 22: Transiting navamsha Mars conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius conjunct U.S. ascendant opposition to 7th house planets of U.S. This is a dangerous time for the U.S., caution is advised for sudden terrorism.

May 28-30: Towards the end of the month there will be a clearing and settling from the intense energy. The planets begin to separate and move on from such intense aspects. But the summer again is very volatile, when Mars enters Gemini July 4th.

May 28: Jupiter conjuncts Venus in Taurus, initiating a quest for peace. Explosive events and building stress comes to a point of exhaustion. Progressive movements towards healing humanity begin to raise consciousness.

May 30: Jupiter will enter Gemini and bring a different understanding; minds are at work to find new ways of business, productivity and invention.