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logoGet AstroLogic Now Soul Mates
Wonder if you're with your soul mate, or if they are out there looking for you? Find out as world renown Vedic astrologer Joni Patry shares the details on who's a perfect match for you and who you should avoid. Plus Joni takes a look at some celebrity couples and let's you know if their signs are compatible or headed for the big breakup.
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2014 predictionsExclusive offer from Joni Patry!
Get her 2015 Vedic astrology predictions for each sign.
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Transformation of Consciousness 2012 and Beyond
Downloadable E-book by Joni Patry





Instant Motivation

Instant Motivation
The Secrets to Tap into Your Unlimited Resource of Pure Power to Make All Your Dreams Come True. Downloadable E-book by Victoria Belue Schaefer.





KalaKala Vedic Astrology Software
Kala is a great Vedic Astrology Software if you are a studying or practicing astrologer looking for an intuitive, easy to use software that is extremely powerful with all basic calculations as well as the most advanced Vedic Astrologic calculations.
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