October Logic: Find the Center

8 Oct 2012

October Logic: Find the Center
With events seeming to spin out of control in the world around us – uncertainty in the volitile global economy, the fretful anticipation over the U.S. Presidential election, and other world powers wobbling on shaky ground – it’s enough to make all of us want to hide under our beds. Since that isn’t a permanent solution, I have another.
Learn to center yourself with what abides at the highest potential of your source. Within each of us is a metaspiritual place where dwells our highest thoughts and feelings. Sometimes we get vaulted into this realm when we enter a sacred space like a place of worship. We are transported instantly to the center of the universe where you don’t worry about the small stuff. Instead you see and, more importantly, feel what really matters, what connects us to everything and everyone else in the universe, because afterall, we are all joined together by the binding energy.
Like Joni says in her October Insights what goes on in the outer world is a mirror reflection of what is happening in the inner world of each of us. We are indeed all in this together. 
Now consider what would happen if you centered yourself on what your highest potential is. Don’t think for a moment that your contribution of energy to the universal stage isn’t significant. It is. Your energy affects us all, and everything around us. Ask any physicist. 
If your question is: How do I know what my highest potential is? Then I suggest the following to find out. In those moments when you find yourself inspired, truly elated with inspiration, what are you thinking and feeling? If you can recall that, then you will be looking at your highest potential. To me, it is not just one physical thing that you can do like running fast or solving a heretofore unsolvable math problem, but rather the energy that you generate around that one thing. It’s not a vocation but a way of being. From a physical standpoint you are vibrating in harmony with the universe. That is living at your highest potential.
Of course there will be physical manifestation related to this. You will be creating amazing things that are tremendous gifts to our planet and everything and everyone on it. You will be contributing exactly what you are supposed to be. 
This internal tuning fork is within each of us. When we center ourselves, in whatever method we feel is correct – prayer, meditation, yoga or anything else – we get our universal tuning fork vibrating. The vibration starts out small but grows as you stay with it. You will feel it begin. It will be undeniable. It will feel exquisite. And just like tuning forks in our physical world, your internal tuning fork will cause all the other tuning forks around you (ie; the energy vibrations of other people) to begin to synchronize with you. How marvelous. You can see what an impact your thoughts and feelings have on not only you but the entire universe.
We have all been at our highest potential before, momentarily and usually completely by accident. Those fleeting moments catch us by surprise and we know that something fabulous has just happened. Yet just like waking from a marvelous vivid dream, the feeling begins to fade all too soon and no matter how hard we try to recapture it by forcing our brains to remember or recollect, it is impossible because the energy has shifted.
We can find our center anytime we choose, or even live from a standpoint of center, with practice. Once you discover which technique brings you to that place of being inspired  – in spirit – you can connect with it daily. Be prepared however, many things will change in your life when you begin living like this.
The first difference you will notice is that the work you do will become almost effortless. That is because your motivation is coming from such a pure source. You will also realize that you accomplish a lot more in a minimal amount of time. 
Being centered is the best place from which to deal with the tumultuous world around us. By being centered, at your highest potential, you will not only hold yourself above the fray but you will contribute to bringing a centering effect to the world’s stresses. We all win when you center.