November Logic

2 Nov 2012

Stay Focused

The universal energy that connects us to everything else in existence has a profoundly confusing name – subtle energy. Like dark matter, scientists don’t really know what it is only that it is. Let’s make no mistake however, subtle energy is anything but subtle. While it does emit a weak energetic signature, it emanates from everything in our universe. It’s weak yes, like the constant lapping of waves against a rock. Yet as we are all aware, that gentle – subtle – lapping is what creates either wholly or partially things like the Grand Canyon. Consistency and uniformity is its power. Someone who denies its effects must prepare unfortunate consequences. You have your choice, either learn to work with this marvelous energy or have it work against you.
When master Vedic astrologers like Joni Patry write about the effects of planetary positions on our lives, they are referring to the subtle energy that these planets emit that affects us. Modern skeptics may scoff at this notition but thousands of years ago ancient Indian astrologers discovered how this energy works. They were able to decipher and harness this energy to make accurate predictions about future events and help those who sought their expertise. Thankfully we still have such skilled technicians today. Not all astrologers are on this level, of course, but those who are provide a valuable service to those of us who pay attention.
This month, like last, has tumultous energy whirling in and out of every crevice. Political, social and economic unrest prevails right now. The division within each of these groups is staggering. Even more troubling is the fact that there is not one solution that will bring about calm to the majority. It is only a focused vision of the highest potential of humankind that will cause the shift and bring about an era of growth and prosperity.
The personal goal of each of us during these stressful times is to focus on our highest potential for ourselves as well as others and our planet. Too often during stressful times we lash out in anger at others because we don’t know how to handle the energy we feel inside ourselves. Building on negative energy is not the solution. You don’t feel any better because of responding that way and certainly the people you lash out at don’t either. This dark, slow, sticky energy grows and seeps into all aspects of your life and therefore everything you touch – physically and psychically. The result is a situation that is out of control and headed for a disastrous end.
The amazing news is that you can transform that energy in an instant with your intentions. Rather than reacting in a negative, angry way, act in a thoughtful way that brings forth your strengths as a leader. Recognize pure anger for what it is – someone’s inability to think and act with vision for the highest good. Even when acting on an individual basis we are acting on a global level. One person’s action is felt by everyone and everything else. Feelings of anger, pain and fear are knee-jerk reactions to a situation. Finding the power within yourself to not react but act will be a turning point for you and therefore the world. 
Breaking habits and changing beliefs is big energetic work for us as people, yet no less is required of us now. How we move through these scary times depends on the choices each of us make today. If we stay focused on our individual visions of creating a life beneficial to ourselves and everyone and everything else, we will redirect those lapping waves toward building a land of peace and prosperity.

Victoria Belue Schaefer