May Stock of the Month – Southwest Airlines: LUV

It may a bit too late to invest in this stock, but maybe not?

This is a premiere stock to invest in for there are many known variables I happen to know since I have been employed with Southwest Airlines since 1979.

Here is the deal, Southwest is a Texas based airline and its original home base is Dallas, Texas. Southwest has always flown out of the smaller central located airport in Dallas, Love Field. There has been a big controversy over it flying out of this airport since it is in the heart of the city and so close to many wealthy communities in Dallas. So the noise factor was always an issue. Also since the opening of the major airport DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) many years ago politicians lobbied to restrict flights out of Love Field. The agreement made was that no major airline could fly out of Love Field unless it first stopped in a neighboring state. This was called the Wright Amendment,for it was Texas politician Jim Wright that implemented this ruling, he is a Fort Worth native and claimed this was to protect the DFW airport financially. This war between Wright and Southwest Airlines went on for years. But it was around 7 years ago that an agreement was finally negotiated that Love Field would lift the Wright amendment in 7 years. The time will be finally lifted is October 2014.

As of the last few years there has been major construction for a new Love Field airport. It is complete and probably the best airport currently in the industry, beautiful stores and first class Dallas restaurants and state of the art everything. It was put in place to be ready for the new change where Southwest Airlines can open up Dallas Love Field to fly anywhere in the world. Also in preparation of this coming event Southwest Airlines bought Air Tran Airlines. This enabled them to acquire new airplanes, gates and international cities. Furthermore they are purchasing many new 800 series aircrafts in anticipation of the new expansion. Consequently, with all the radical changes transpiring with Love Field in Dallas, Southwest Airlines stock has gone wild. Going from $ 10 a share in 2008 to $24 today. It is believed it will continue to climb before the opening and lifting of Love Field. Of course there are other airlines that can fly out of Love Field now, one being Virgin Air. But my prediction based on this common knowledge will elevate Southwest Airlines stock.

Astrologically Speaking

One very specific aspect occurring this year that has given Southwest Airlines and most airlines a rise is the fact that transiting Jupiter is in the sign of Gemini which rules travel particularly air travel. American Airlines has reached record levels too lately.

First Trade Chart for Southwest Airlines (LUV)

Looking at the the chart of the first trade chart for Southwest Airlines The most significant aspect is transiting Jupiter is in the 11th house of gains with natal Sun and Mercury sending a trine to the natal Moon, which is exact this month. But transiting Saturn will station on the Moon in June. This may cause a temporary drop in the stock, but it could rise again before the lifting of the Wright Amendment scheduled in October.

Mars and the Moon are at 22 degrees, Mars is in Aries and moon in Libra (Chandra Mangala yoga=business success) and transiting Jupiter will aspect them (trine/sexile). This opposition is in the 9th and 3rd houses of travel. This will cause the stock to jump very soon.

But there could be problems as transiting Jupiter goes into Cancer in the 12th house of this chart. This may cause a readjustment period but look out for a major rise in stock and growth of this airline once transiting Jupiter and Rahu come together in Leo in 2015-2016. This stock will be at an all time high. So this is a stock to watch for the next 2 years and will make many people very rich.