Victoria Belue Schaefer

VictoriaVictoria Belue-Schaefer worked in major market television for more than
twenty years. Beginning as a writer and producer, she moved into
management positions including Sales Promotion Manager, Community
Relations Director and Client Services Director for network affiliates in
the Dallas/Ft Worth market. Advertising, marketing and branding were her
areas of focus. In her spare time, Victoria was a frequent contributor to
the Dallas Morning News where she wrote interior design features.
In 2003, Victoria left major market television and began publishing two
features magazines devoted to the Texas Hill Country. She still oversees
production of these today. In addition, Victoria was asked by an Austin
start-up to create an online series. Turning to her love of interior
design and her belief in the ancient Chinese technique of using beneficial
energy, she created, wrote and produced the series Feng Shui Your Way,
which can still be viewed online. AstroLogic is Victoria’s latest contribution to share her knowledge and understanding of master Vedic astrologer Joni Patry’s monthly predictions
in practical ways with the goal of living at your highest potential.


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